Blog #1 – John Fiske – Understanding Popular Culture, Chapters 1 & 2

“The ad bears traces of ideology and meritocractic capitalism that one can, should, make one’s success and identity out of hard conditions; one should not be born to them.” p 5 – The Jeaning of America

As a whole, the entire chapter written by John Fiske in regards to the symbolic meaning of Jeans in popular culture and society was extremely captivating and puzzling all at the same time. We as a society do not realize just how influential the media is and how certain objects are portrayed and symbolized in society. The best example to explain such a phenomena really is jeans. Jeans are worn across all classes, races and are unisex that we fail to realize that jeans (not so much the tangible material, but rather the symbolic meaning of jeans) possess a powerful ideology. The quote I picked to express this notion is the one stated above. I truly believe that advertisements and marketers are aware of such phenomena and in sum they try to acknowledge the struggles the average person deals with and, therefore, using something so casual such as jeans, they try to sympathize with them and give off the impression and certainty that one can move forward from all the struggles and live life outside of their hardship and chaos. This advertisement is very multifaceted in my opinion. It shows what people want to see,  and most people want to know that they can move forth and move away from their past and in popular culture the current desired lifestyle is definitely an affluent one.

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